About Bonga

"Paket" handmade by Bonga
Blessings for Personal Growth and Healing

Paket contents are a mixture of soil, tree, seeds, corn meal, herbs, spices, and special objects found by Bonga – they are fused together over Bonga's firepit at his temple. The mixture is cooled and wrapped in satin or cloth. Then a rope and colorful string is spun by hand around the cloth tightly and repeated many times with prayers and song. Bonga continues this circular motion in meditation and twists the rope around the mixture to conjure a spirit and its final figure. Specific colors are chosen by Bonga to signify the properties and personalities of the vodou spirit.

Place the Paket in an area of your home, a bedside table, an altar, or even a special place at work.

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erzulie dantor erzulie dantor
to harness creativity in your love life


ogun ogun
a warrior spirit to help fight sickness and depression

a playful, fun spirit that guides children and keeps them safe

spirit of agriculture –protect your land or garden, keep in your kitchen or dining area to promote good health

erzuli fredaerzuli freda
for love and dance - she represents all things feminine – beauty, flowers, jewelry, pregnancy, newborns, etc.

spirit for good health – it cleanses and stabilizes your body and the environment

ogun balendjoogun balendjo
a powerful figure who enhances the intellect, is brave and loves to take risks – he pursues justice and freedom
papa legbapapa legba
opens the door to spirit world – great for prayer, altars and meditation

baron samdibaron samdi
spirit of the gate (as in cemetery) – use when someone passes away to keep them safe in their journey

ogun - 3ogun (3 ogun spirits unite in this figure – ogun balendjo, ogun batagri and ogun feray)
NOTE: the two small pakets show its size, they do not come with the purchase of ogun.
for strength and productivity

gede nibogede nibo
spirit of joy, humour and playfulness – great for kids and artists

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