Bonga & the Vodou Drums of Haiti present traditional Afro-Haitian roots music in its most raw and enchanting form. Percussion virtuoso Bonga Jean-Baptiste leads this versatile drum and dance ensemble with his mastery of intricate Vodou rhythms. He and son Tiga Jean-Baptiste, a skilled ceremonial drummer and mbira player, use handcrafted drums from Bonga’s collection with a deft and precision rarely seen outside of Haiti. Gracing the stage are the exquisite dancer-choreographer Sheila Anozier with her powerful combos of traditional and freestyle dance, and the beautiful Alisha Zebulon, a soulful vocalist and skilled performer of West African dance.

For full concerts, as a dance band or for intimate settings, the ensemble can perform as a trio, or to expand to 7-piece with other musicians including reeds, brass, woodwinds, and cello. Together they create an atmosphere of energetic drumming, dancing and singing -- an upbeat performance of traditional and progressive roots music with improvisational twists. Featured are distinctive and colorful Vodou drums & percussion and crowd-pleasing instruments like the mbira (thumb piano), conch (spiral seashell), didgeridoo, (bamboo pipe horn). With an extensive repertoire of Afro-Haitian rhythms, kreyol songs and regional dances, these sounds traverse the plains, mountains and coasts, conjuring images of Haiti’s spirit, beauty and way of life.

One of the most authentic, versatile and distinctive outfits from the Caribbean by way of NYC, Bonga & the Vodou Drums of Haiti entertains a diverse range of ages and musical tastes. Whether listening or dancing, audiences will experience an extraordinary musical journey with a rare glimpse into a musical style that remains relatively unseen in today’s marketplace. Songs of strength, hope and joy are offered straight from the heart from uplifting voices that open hidden doors into a vast musical world, mystical, passionate, percussive, warm and inviting.

Educational workshops are also available.